Fotoshooting N.I.C. März 2018

shot by Joe Grundlehner


“This album best describes before and after I started my music career, it depicts the two worlds I grew up in.”
Rapture Boy

1. Intro
2. N & N
3. Been There
4. Do You Know Who You Are
5. Defining Me
6. Many Thanks
7. Call Me Up
8. Let Me In & This Is It
9. I I I
10. Open Your Mind
11. Don’t Walk Away

TWO SIDES OF A STORY – CD jetzt für CHF 15.- bestellen:

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N.I.C – Black Business Class

“Black Business Class”, the first solo album of the swiss-jamaican artist N.I.C. – mixture of smooth carribean dancehall and rough californian hiphop. Check it out and enjoy the vibe!

1. Intro
2. Throw It Up
3. Dolce Louis Prada
4. Hit It
5. Ups and Downs
6. Gonna Be Right
7. My Ngzz
8. Awhee
9. Mo Fya
10. Big Things
11. Skit
12. Mi Nah Care
13. One of Them Nights
14. Outro


BLACK BUSINESS CLASS – CD jetzt für CHF 15.- bestellen:

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N.I.C. & Gunda Wechee – The Addiction

1. Run It
2. Only Jah
3. Champagne Rain
4. Dollars
5. On my Mind
6. Looking for You
7. We’re the number One

THE ADDICTION – CD jetzt für CHF 15.- bestellen:

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Fotoshooting Gunda & N.I.C.

shot by LA Photography